Why EEC for LASIK?

We offer all forms of refractive surgery available today:
LASIK, Bladeless LASIK, Epi-LASIK – which are all wavefront optimized – and also implantable contact lens (ICL). With these above surgical procedures, EEC is able to provide the type of surgery we consider to be the most appropriate for our patients.

Highly Experienced Ophthalmologists

EEC is managed by our very own team of experienced ophthalmologists with decades of experience in LASIK surgery. All our refractive procedures are performed and cared for by surgeons and ophthalmologists in their field. Read more about the profiles of our Ophthalmologists.

Excellent LASIK Track Record

EEC has garnered an excellent track record over the past 10 years. Due to MOH Regulations, we are not allowed to publish our figures (success rates) on our website. Please contact EEC directly for more information.

Quality Care & Assurance

At EEC, quality care has always been our utmost priority. We believe in providing the safest and most appropriate type of treatment best suited to each individual patient’s needs. Apart from commitment to excellence and first-class service to all our patients, EEC strives to provide quality care to our patients throughout their lifetime , being their preferred eye-care partner in their life journey. We want all our patients and their family to know and be reassured that “At EEC, you will be cared for. Always!”

Advanced LASIK Technology

We have acquired these 2 laser technologies the Allegretto Wavelight Excimer LASER Machine and the Ziemer’s FEMTO LDV (Bladeless LASER). The Allegretto Wave Laser machine is known to perform treatments in the shortest time, reducing risks of inaccuracies from drying up of cornea tissue, providing consistently accurate results and also providing more comfortable procedures while the Ziemer’s FEMTO LDV Bladeless Laser provides a clinical advantage of excellent visual outcomes, rapid healing and visual recovery. Read more about EagleLasik Technology.

1-Day LASIK Convenience

Furthermore, at EEC, we offer a One-Day LASIK experience where our patients have the option to complete both pre-LASIK assessments and LASIK surgery for both eyes on the same day.


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