Standard Cataract Surgery

What is Phacoemulsification?

Standard Procedure

Traditional Cataract Surgery
Phacoemulsification is now the popular method of cataract surgery. It involves inserting a small ultrasound probe through a small 2-3mm incision in the cornea to break up the cloudy lens into small fragments, which are sucked out through the same probe. An artificial intraocular lens (IOL) implant is then inserted through the small wound and into the transparent lens bag that is left intact within the eye. Traditionally, IOL’s have only a single zone of clear focus (monofocal), usually set for excellent distance vision, but require the use of reading glasses for near tasks. With the advent of new technology, premium IOL’s now have several zones of clear focus and allow for simultaneous correction of both distance and near vision (multifocal).

What does Eagle Eye Centre Offer?

If you have cataracts, EEC can help. We have been perfoming laser eye surgeries for years. While we also do traditional techniques, we also use bladeless surgeries. Using the bladeless system, our laser cataract surgeries are also precise and offer best results. Learn more about laser cataract surgery in EEC Singapore.

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