Cataract Surgery



If you have cataracts, EEC can help. We have been perfoming laser eye surgeries for years. While we also do traditional techniques, we also use bladeless surgeries. Using the bladeless system, our laser cataract surgeries are also precise and offer best results. Learn more about laser cataract surgery in EEC Singapore.

How It Works

Cataract surgery has always been a highly effective procedure. With laser cataract surgery, the procedure is safe, precise, and easy. EEC’s computer-guided laser system effortlessly makes incisions and breaks apart cataracts with an astounding level of accuracy.

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Safe & More Advanced
The computer-guided laser system completes difficult tasks quicker and safer.

A Better Experience
Faster surgeries, the best possible results, and peace of mind.

Precise & Predictable
Laser cataract surgery is far more precise, reproducible, and predictable.

Why choose EEC

How Do We Evaluate

Medical History
Medications, allergies, prior eye disease, and prior surgeries are all considerations for candidacy.

Pre Screening and Evaluation
We’ll perform a thorough eye exam to ensure that cataract surgery is your best option right now.

It may be best to wait on cataract surgery until your visual symptoms impact your everyday life.

Financing Methods

On 1st June 2009, Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan announced the changes the Medisave Scheme in Parliament. This change will now allow patients to draw up to $2,450 from their Medisave account to pay for their Cataract Surgery. With this, patients will have more flexibility at EEC (GST excluded).

Post Cataract Treatment


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