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Bladeless LASIK People who suffer from Dyslexia experience difficulty in reading due to perceptual distortion of text that includes blurring (that cannot be corrected by refraction), movement of the letters or words, shimmering to the page, the words sinking into the white background of the page, pattern glare, and patterns formed by the spaces between words and lines that interfere with reading. Problems can show in reading, writing, number work, short-term memory, hand control and visual processing.
Bladeless LASIK Colour Vision Deficiency is an optical condition in which affected people have a deficiency in one or more of the primary colors (red, green, or blue) recognized through the retina. Colour vision deficiencies can be grouped into the following categories: Deutrans (lack in green receptors), Protans (lack in red receptors), Tritans (lack in blue receptors), Monochromatics (sees only 1 pigment), and Achromatics (has no functioning cones). Defective colour vision can range from near-normal ability to distinguish colours, where typically the chemical for seeing red or green is slightly altered, to a high degree of confusion, where the chemical balance is considerably altered.

What is ChromaGen Lens?

Bladeless LASIK EEC has started a clinical sevice with a newly equipped patented system for the management of “Academic Skills Disorder”.

ChromaGen is the only FDA approved system of eight colour filter lenses of a specific density and hue for the management of these disorders and is available with prescription in both spectacle and contact lens modality.

EEC’s experience with ChromaGen Lenses


In cases of dyslexic children with perceptual disorder, we have ChromaGen lenses help to re-synchronize and selectively change the speed of the information in the magnocellular pathways to enable sufferers to improve their reading skills, handwriting and spelling abilities. From the examination process, dyslexic children demonstrated improvement in reading speed, ease in words and number recognition as text becomes clearer and stays still on the page. A parent shared that after her son uses ChromaGen lenses, he is able to read with better understanding and memory, and achieves better academic results. Subsequently, she brought her daughter in for the same assessment. Even when the child is attending an existing reading program or other methods of tuition, ChromaGen lens can accelerate the results that can help to realise the child’s full potential.

Colour Vision Deficiency

In the management of colour vision deficiency, ChromaGen haploscopic filters work by changing the wavelength of each colour going into one or both eyes, which significantly enhances colour perception and colour discrimination. During the assessment, users are able to read more colour plates in the Ishihara Test, they find the brightness of all colours, even the colours they normally identify correctly, appear richer and more vivid while other colours may be perceived for the first time. ChromaGen lens benefits people who are engaged in career making decision where their chosen career involves making colour based decisions like police officers, electronic engineers and graphic artists.


Although ChromaGen is a symptomatic treatment and the underlying condition of colour vision deficiency and dyslexia remain unchanged, most of our motivated patients want to see what they are missing and how ChromaGen lens can help them in their learning experience and choice of hobbies like photography and painting, or career which requires good colour vision.

ChromaGen lens can be prescribed in spectacle lenses or contact lenses. We usually prescribe ChromaGen spectacles for dyslexic children as they use it only when they read or study. For adults who feel impractical to wear coloured spectacles lenses, we have prescribed ChromaGen contact lens which will not appear obvious on the eye. Sufferers of any age are able to use ChromaGen lens to experience its benefits and enhance their quality of life.
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